The era of smart society 5.0 is marked by the use of technology to improve the quality of human life. This is in line with the purpose of education which is carried out to improve the quality of human life or society. To achieve this goal, education needs to equip students with various competencies, which in the 21st century is better known as 4Cs: critical thinking and problem solving, creativity, communication skills, and the ability to work collaboratively.

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are skills needed to solve problems and be able to make decisions. This skill requires us to become a reliable problem solver. Creativity is the skill of bringing up new ideas that can produce real work. In addition, students need to be equipped with good communication skills, so that the ideas they have can be understood by others. In realizing real work, in the process, students don’t do it alone, but they need great teamwork. In short, armed with 4C skills, students can become problem solvers in their lives and society by producing real work that can be widely used.

To answer this challenge, SMA Islam Al Azhar 24 Boarding is committed to create role model, students, who are civilized, master science and technology, and have global competitiveness. Manner is the main goal of school education. With good manner, knowledge and technology, will be very easy for students to master. In addition, with good manner, the benefits are not only for themselves, but can be felt by the surrounding community globally. To form students with those criteria, the school designed nine excellent programs.

  1. Manner (Adab)

Manner is the main goal of school education through three minimum reflections: senyum, salam and salim. Those attitudes must be possessed by students in interacting with teachers and fellow students. In detail, manner education has 8 scopes: manner to Allah, manner to the Qur’an, manner to the Prophet, manner to Islam, manner to oneself (self-etiquette), manner to others, manner to the environment, and daily manners.


  1. Tahfizul Qur’an

This program focuses on providing guidance to students so they can read the Qur’an in tartil, understand its meaning, and memorize at least 5 juz in 3 years. Also, they are taught how to read the Qur’an in mujawwad.




  1. The Use of Arabic and English


This program is given to students to encourage them to have global competitiveness. Apart from being able to use these two languages for literacy, students can also communicate well which is useful for building networks, increasing student confidence, and opening wide opportunities to continue their education. To boost and make this program reach its goal, our school provide international discussion forum, and English and Arabic native speaker.




  1. The Use and Development of ICT

In the context of learning, ICT plays a role in creating pleasant learning conditions, giving students skills in using technology, and technology as a learning tool. Teachers use Al Azhar digital interactive, Al Azhar learning management system, Canva application, or google drive in the learning process. Also, school facilitate the development of students’ potential in technology, such as robotic workshops, website development, participation in technology-based competitions, technology utilization research, etc.

  1. Leadership

Leadership is a skill as a management function to influence, motivate, or direct others to do things to achieve certain goals. This skill has been taught to SMAIA 24 students since grade X. The tenth graders have started to be involved in OSBA leadership. In addition, they are directly involved in managing periodic activities such as national seminars, etc. Mainly, leadership learning means the involvement of students in carrying out daily life at boarding school.


  1. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a process of applying innovation and creativity in creating something different that also has value and ability to face life’s challenges by seeing opportunities from various risks and uncertainties in order to achieve profit and growth. School has some programs to boost this goal, such as fisheries, plantations, hydroponic technology, etc.


  1. Enrichment of Arabic and Islamic Religious Education

This program is conducted as students’ preparation to continue their studies at several Universities in Arabic-speaking countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc. The students in this program will learn hadith, tauhid, tafsir, fiqh, nahwu, shorof, muthalaaah, mahfudzat, etc.




  1. Interest and Talent Achievement Development

The school helps students to develop their talents and interests through extracurricular activities and participation in both national and international competitions, such as OSN, tahfiz, young researchers, sports, business competitions, and technology or robotic competitions.


  1. Undergraduate Study Preparation

The school is committed to assist students in achieving their goals at undergraduate level. Therefore, students are given additional co-curricular program menus, such as enrichment for TPS (Scholastic Potential Test), enrichment for TPA (Academic Potential Test), and enrichment for religious subjects and Arabic.

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